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Audit and Assurances

Audit and Assurance

Stockholders, creditors, private investors and potential buyers often need assurance that the financial statements accurately represent the true financial position of your company.  As an Independent CPA Firm we can provide that assurance to them and to you.

B2a, PC. is one of the premier providers of Assurance Services in the area.  Our audit team is knowledgeable, experienced and friendly and knows how to take the headache out of Audits and Reviews.  Your report is always delivered on a timely basis at a surprisingly reasonable price. 

We believe that we can deliver the lowest “true cost” for your audit engagement.  By true cost we mean a combination of a reasonable price, timely delivery of the audit report, the highest levels of professional service and value added throughout the engagement.

Why should you consider an Audit, Review or Compilation?

Do you own a small business and have a dream of retiring one day?  Having a history of financial statements prepared by a CPA will make your business easier to value and sell when the time comes.

Do you want to protect yourself and employees against Fraud and Theft?  Having a CPA firm perform an audit will help you to prevent and deter employee theft and will help you identify control weaknesses that pose a higher risk to your business. 

Are you thinking about growing your business?  Having audited or reviewed financial statements is often required to obtain financing, insurance, licensing or bonding.  Having a history of financial statements prepared by a CPA firm will make you look better to banks and can often help you obtain more favorable terms including lower interest rates.

What is the difference between an Audit, Review and Compilation?  Each provides a different level of assurance.  For more information see our explanation page.

Our Quality Review Report

We conform to the highest standards of Audit and Attestation.  We participate in the AICPA Quality Review program.  Click on the link below for a copy of our most recent Quality Control Report.

B2a, PC. Quality Control Report

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